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When is the best time for seeding?
Seeding can be done at any time of the growing season, although early fall is the best time. August 15th through September is ideal because weather is usually favorable for seed germination plus competing weeds are declining. The next best time for seeding is Spring. Though, the downside to spring seeding is aggressive competition from germinating weeds. Also with spring seeding, you must avoid applying any Crabgrass pre-emergence since it would prevent the desirable grass seed from germinating as well.
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Weeds / Grassy weeds

Broad Leaf Weeds:
  1. Black Medic
  2. Buckhorn
  3. Chickweed
  4. Clover
  5. Curled Dock
  6. Dandelion
  7. Ground Ivy
  8. Henbit
  9. Knotweed
  10. Mallow
  11. Plantain
  12. Purslane
  13. Red Sorrel
  14. Spurge
  15. Thistle
  16. Violets
  17. Wild Garlic
  18. Yarrow
Grassy weeds:
  1. Barnyardgrass
  2. Bentgrass
  3. Bermudagrass
  4. Crabgrass
  5. Foxtail
  6. Goosegrass
  7. Nimblewill
  8. Nut Sedge
  9. Orchardgrass
  10. Poa Anna
  11. Tall Fescue

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