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When is the best time for seeding?
Seeding can be done at any time of the growing season, although early fall is the best time. August 15th through September is ideal because weather is usually favorable for seed germination plus competing weeds are declining. The next best time for seeding is Spring. Though, the downside to spring seeding is aggressive competition from germinating weeds. Also with spring seeding, you must avoid applying any Crabgrass pre-emergence since it would prevent the desirable grass seed from germinating as well.
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Tree & Shrub Applications

At CLC we offer Tree and Shrub applications as they are needed, rather than traditional yearly programs. All landscapes are unique and are comprised of dozens of different plants. Because of this variety of plants, there is also a high variety of different problems throughout the season requiring various control materials. We feel a more flexible solution will work better than the more traditional "spray all plants" programs. We have designed our T&S applications to help control the problems that are currently active on specific plants. Put another way, plants that are treated one month may not be the same as those treated during another application.

Country Lawn Care offers treatments throughout the year, starting in March. These treatments will range from Dormant Oil spray in early spring, to Insect and Disease treatments during the summer to a Fertilizer application. You can choose the ones you feel will benefit your plants. We have found this type of solution to be more customer friendly than a rigid program that treats your landscape plants even if there are no problems at that time. This type of approach also fits nicely with our policy of Integrated Pest Management [IPM]. We try to avoid applying pesticides into the environment when not necessary. Because of this treat only as needed approach, the cost per application may vary. We will quote a price for the plants and/or trees that are to be treated.

We would be happy to meet you on your property to discuss your ornamental needs. With your input, we will design an application schedule that will help protect your plants and keep them healthy.

Please call for a free quote or go to our "contact us" on this web site

*Our T&S treatments are geared toward ornamental plants in your landscape. This means only the smaller plants that have been installed as part of your landscape design. It is not intended for the larger mature trees that are above 25 feet in height.
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