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Enhance the appearance of your home or business with professional, quality lawn-care services from Country Lawn Care! As a second-generation, family-owned business in Oberlin, OH, we work with customers throughout Lorain County to keep their properties maintained and beautiful. No matter the size of the project, we hold our team to a higher standard than most other lawn companies. We are committed to providing each customer with personal attention to their needs, wants, and concerns for their lawn, and to doing whatever we can to meet and exceed their expectations!

Our Lawn Programs

Our programs are designed to help promote your lawn’s fertility, health, and aesthetic appearance.

Standard Program

This our most popular program, including five service visits throughout the season. This package includes:

  • Season-Long Fertility
  • Season-Long Broadleaf Weed Control
    • May be less effective in highly irrigated environments
  • Spring Crabgrass Preventer
    • May be less effective in highly irrigated environments

Standard Plus Protection

This is our best, most comprehensive program. Includes seven visits throughout the lawn-care season, including:

  • 5 Weed & Feed treatments
  • 1 Grub Control treatment
    • Discounted 25% from regular cost when entire plan is purchased
    • Performed at the most effectual time of the season
  • 1 Core Aeration
    • Priced the same as the Weed & Feed treatments
    • Performed at the most effectual time of the season
  • Season-Long Fertility
  • Season-Long Broadleaf Weed Control
    • May be less effective in highly irrigated environments
  • Season-Long Crabgrass Control
    • May be less effective in highly irrigated environments

Modified/Custom Programs

This program is designed for larger lawns and offers limited protection.

  • Any program or service that is not the Standard PLUS or Standard Program is regarded as a Modified/Custom Program.
  • To qualify for the program, your lawn must be at least a half acre in size.
  • Because you are receiving fewer treatments than in our Standard and Standard PLUS programs, Modified/Custom Programs may be less effective (i.e., weed breakthrough or no long-term results).
  • The price per application will be more expensive than in the Standard and Standard PLUS plans because of the size of the application.
  • Crabgrass Control Grub Control, Aeration, and some other services are NOT included in this program.
  • Treatments are not scheduled in advance as they are in our Standard & Standard PLUS plans.

Quality Services to Improve & Maintain Your Lawn

These services can be performed outside of our lawn programs.

Lawn Cutting

No need to take time out of your busy schedule each week to mow your lawn! Our team will provide professional lawn-mowing services weekly to keep it perfectly trimmed.

Weed Control

We use Broadleaf products to eradicate unsightly weeds, such as dandelions, clovers, thistles and more, from your lawn. This service is included in our Standard and Standard PLUS programs.

Grub & Surface Insect Control

Grubs and other insects can damage your lawn or turf very quickly, so it’s important to be proactive. This service will control the insect population and prevent damage.

Core Aeration & Overseeding

Core aeration is a process in which soil plugs are removed from turf, helping to open up the soil and allowing for increased effectiveness of air, water, and fertilizer. This is one of the most beneficial practices for improving the health of a lawn, and is included in the Standard PLUS program.

Overseeding a lawn during core aeration then allows for improved thickness and density of your lawn.

Lawn Renovation

If your lawn is older and treatments aren’t as effective as you would like them to be, it is probably time for a lawn renovation. This consists of purposefully killing off old, undesirable grass and replacing it with new, more desirable varieties. The process generally takes about six weeks, depending on the weather.

Vegetation Control

We will eliminate vegetation along fence lines, gravel drives, and other areas where it is unwanted.

Other Services

Dormant Oil

Lime Application

Nutsedge Control

Soil & Plant Testing

Tree & Shrub Care

And more!

For information about our lawn programs and services, contact us today at 440-774-4093, and we will be happy to help! We can schedule an honest lawn evaluation to help you determine the services that will provide the best results.

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