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When is the best time for seeding?
Seeding can be done at any time of the growing season, although early fall is the best time. August 15th through September is ideal because weather is usually favorable for seed germination plus competing weeds are declining. The next best time for seeding is Spring. Though, the downside to spring seeding is aggressive competition from germinating weeds. Also with spring seeding, you must avoid applying any Crabgrass pre-emergence since it would prevent the desirable grass seed from germinating as well.
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The following services are offered separate from the lawn care programs.

Lawn Renovation
Slit Seeding
Core Aeration
Lime Applications
Dormant Oil Spray
Crabgrass Control
Mowing / Maintenance
Vegetation Total Kill
Soil and Plant Testing
Insect Control
Tree & Shrub
Nut Sedge Control

Lawn Renovation
Country Lawn Care also does lawn makeovers. Older lawns that are in a decline and no longer respond well to fertilizer treatments are usually good candidates. We kill off the older existing lawn grasses and simply plant a new healthier grass seed blend. This process is done without the bother of tilling or tearing out the old lawn. Also, the cost is much lower than starting over from scratch. The process takes about 6 weeks from beginning to seed germination. This could be sooner or later depending on moisture and temperature. Let us discuss with you what it will cost and give you our recommendations. Keep in mind that all lawns are not good candidates for this procedure. We will tell you straight if your lawn can be helped with this procedure.

Slit Seeding:
This is a fast and easy way to do lawn repair. The machine cuts slits in the damaged area and deposits seed in the grooves. We also use this process to completely renovate older lawns that no longer respond to fertilizer treatments. Call Country Lawn Care for more information or to get a free estimate for your lawn.

Core Aeration:
The process of pulling soil plugs from the turf. Aeration done once a year will help relieve soil compaction. It also opens the turf for better water, air and fertilizer penetration, which promotes deeper root growth. Benefits are a healthier grass plant that is more tolerant to heat and drought stress. This service is included in our Standard Plus program.

Lime Applications:
Lime is applied when the soil pH is too low. Acidic soil [low pH] makes it difficult for the grass plants to absorb the fertilizer nutrients. Poor response from fertilizer applications could be a sign that lime is needed. We can test the soil and apply lime if needed.

Insect Control:
Insects can be surface (Billbug, Chinch bug and Sod Webworm) or sub surface (Grub). If you suspect that damaging insects may be living in your lawn, call CLC to check it out.

Vegetation Total Kill:
Perfect for any area where vegetation growth is unwanted. Examples are ditches, fence lines, gravel driveways, parking lots and bare landscape beds. We also use this application before we completely renovate a lawn.

Dormant Oil:
An oil based material that is sprayed onto ornamental plants before they leaf out in the spring. The oil seals the plant to prevent insect eggs from hatching and injuring the plants. The timing on this is early in the spring, usually in March.

Plants installed in the landscape generally need regular fertility to stay healthy and growing. Many landscape installations are made in poor quality soil. Heavy clay, shale and rocks are common problems that we see in new housing developments. We use a deep root injection system to deliver the fertilizer right to the root zone. Thousands of dollars are spent on the landscape. Protect your investment.

Mowing / Maintenance:
Having us professionally maintain your lawn and landscape removes the continuous burden of yard maintenance and lets you utilize your time more personally. Another great benefit from having us maintain your property is catching potential lawn and landscape problems before they become serious.

Crabgrass Control:
This annual grass is an ongoing problem for many homeowners. It is more prevalent in lawns that are thin and under established. Treatments of a pre-emergent or post emergent (depending on time of year) will greatly reduce or even eliminate the crabgrass population in your lawn. Two applications of pre emergent crabgrass control are included with the Standard Plus Program..

Nut Sedge Control:
Like Crabgrass, Nut Sedge is serious problem for many homeowners. This problem plant is light green in color and grows quickly. Post emergent treatments will control this plant.

Soil and Plant Testing:
If a problem comes up that we are unsure of, we can send plant samples to a laboratory to be analyzed. Examples would be brown areas of turf that never recover or landscape plants that may be thin or off color. Knowing exactly what the problem is saves time and money by not treating with the wrong material.

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