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When is the best time for seeding?
Seeding can be done at any time of the growing season, although early fall is the best time. August 15th through September is ideal because weather is usually favorable for seed germination plus competing weeds are declining. The next best time for seeding is Spring. Though, the downside to spring seeding is aggressive competition from germinating weeds. Also with spring seeding, you must avoid applying any Crabgrass pre-emergence since it would prevent the desirable grass seed from germinating as well.
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Title: Help Wanted


Country Lawn Care is a medium size lawn management company in Oberlin, Ohio. We are growing and we're hiring for full or part-time position for lawn technician / landscaper – experience preferred. After you are trained, your responsibilities would be to assist and perform lawn care services, such as Core Aeration and Fertilizer treatments on residential and commercial lawns at a professional level. We seek individuals that desire to learn the lawn care industry from one of the best lawn care companies around. This job is a very rewarding and gratifying position, but can be physical on a daily basis with a lot of walking and lifting 50# bags of fertilizer. Reliable, strong work ethics, self motivated and positive attitude are a must.

You must be at least 18 years of age and have a CLEAN VALID OHIO DRIVER'S LICENSE with reliable transportation to and from CLC's shop in Oberlin.

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