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When is the best time for seeding?
Seeding can be done at any time of the growing season, although early fall is the best time. August 15th through September is ideal because weather is usually favorable for seed germination plus competing weeds are declining. The next best time for seeding is Spring. Though, the downside to spring seeding is aggressive competition from germinating weeds. Also with spring seeding, you must avoid applying any Crabgrass pre-emergence since it would prevent the desirable grass seed from germinating as well.
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Our message to you
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P.O. Box 481
Oberlin, Ohio 44074
1-877-291-1818Thank you for visiting the Country Lawn Care web page. We hope this information encourages you in choosing us as your lawn care provider. We know that you are looking for a healthy, beautiful lawn, at a reasonable price. We will do all we can to provide this for you. We simply strive to be the best lawn care service in our area. CLC has developed many lawn care programs to fit the needs of a wide variety of landscape situations. We won’t try to sell you a one size fits all lawn program. It is very important that you feel confident with the service and products that we provide are of the highest quality. If you want us to design a lawn care program just for you, let us know. Agronomics and economics need to fit together for you to be a satisfied customer.
What you can expect from CLC
Please keep in mind that every lawn has its own potential. On our initial consultation visit, we will identify and explain the strengths and weaknesses of your particular lawn. Not all lawns require the same treatments during the year. With your help, CLC will recommend a program that will improve the appearance and health of your turf. As we continue to service your property, we will be on the lookout for other potential problems, such as disease and insects. We are mindful that many turf “problems” are temporary and do not usually need treatment. In this situation, we give advice and make corrective applications only when necessary and only with your approval. CLC will not apply unnecessary pesticides into the environment.

Experience is important
Country Lawn Care encourages you to shop around, ask questions, and compare our price and professional quality with other companies. CLC is not the largest lawn care company out there, but we are one of the most experienced. We are licensed by the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture with more than 40 years of combined experience. CLC concentrates on quality rather than quantity. When it is time to decide what lawn care service is right for you, hire the one with the most experience and the best value.
Lush healthy green grass for 
residential and commercial
truly enhance the beauty and 
status of the property and 
softens the harsh edges of 
today's fast paced life styles.
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